What interim managers are engaged to do?

Interim management assignments often address needs in the ‘change’ arena. Given their hugely flexible skills, interim managers will also carry out project management and even ‘gap’ or ‘resource shortage’ assignments, but it is the interim manager’s independence and authority, along with the responsibility and scope requirements of the particular assignment that define an ‘interim management assignment’, as opposed to a contractor’s contract, or an agency worker’s temporary work.

  • Change management. Interim managers have the skills, experience and the nous to make change happen in the best interests of the business without becoming unnecessarily entangled in company politics. Their track record is of change in multiple businesses.
  • Specialist skill requirement. An interim manager can provide specialist skills not normally present in your organisation, for the period of time that you need them. As interim managers are not motivated to cling on to a job, when the time is right and by mutual agreement they can transfer key learning to others and move on, leaving a positive legacy behind them.
  • Turnaround. The expert business perspective that interim managers possess enables them to have a major impact in turnaround situations. They are the ultimate ’In case of emergency break glass’ solution.
  • A deluxe gap filler. Interim managers can fill gaps caused by executive absences and departures. If used wisely, they can add significant value, offering health-check and other value-added services while delivering business as usual with a ‘very safe pair of hands’.
  • Expert additional resource. To support a specific project or high risk, time-sensitive activity, interim managers are the ideal solution, bringing their expertise and extensive experience to bear on the behalf of the business concerned.
  • Consultancy with implementation. Interim managers often operate very effectively as management consultants. Not only can they assess business needs, give advice and formulate proposals, because of their experience and proven ability, they will be equipped to implement their recommendations and be held accountable for the results.

Professional interim managers are a pool of available expertise, fit for purpose and effective across a range of sectors, disciplines, functions and roles. They are not simply available because they are between permanent jobs; they are committed, qualified, mobile, freelance executives, practised in delivering value. Interim managers have the expertise to address ‘Business as Unusual’.