Finding an interim manager

How interim managers are sourced will depend on such factors as the urgency of the need, the engager’s experience of the interim management market, the level of assurance required and the time and budget available. Interim managers are sourced by the following means in approximate order of popularity:

  1. Using an Interim Service Provider (interim management agency).
  2. Contacting a previously used interim manager, or an ex-employee who is now an interim.
  3. Using network contacts to be referred to or to meet an available interim manager.
  4. Searching for an interim manager on LinkedIn or otherwise searching online.

Sourcing via Service Provider If time is pressured, or if an additional level of assurance or recommendation is sought, then it may be beneficial to utilise an Interim Service Provider. These come in the form of:

  • Specialist Interim Service Providers
  • Executive search firms who have specialist interim management practices
  • Mainstream recruiters who have specialist interim management practices
  • Consultancies with interim management associates

See the IIM’s extensive list of leading Service Providers: the network By checking one’s address book or searching LinkedIn using the search term ‘Interim’ will likely reveal people already known among existing connections. This is a cost effective and trustworthy search method. They can also refer on if they are not the right person or not available. If time is available, using personal connections to find a suitable interim manager is an effective tactic. Interim managers trade on their reputation so good ones do become known. A longer-term strategy is for businesses to keep the details of pertinent interim managers for further reference. Even if they are not right for your requirements (which they will be honest about) they can help find someone who is. Searching online There are many other online search methods, both paid-for and free. These include simply Googling for the interim manager needed, as they have good online presence. Other channels are interim assignment boards and interim management groups on LinkedIn. Accredited interim managers may be sourced via the Institute of Interim Management website: