Professional interim managers provide organisations with a seasoned flexible capability and resource to achieve a wide range of outcomes. They give added value in their ability to transfer skills and competences into organisations and to drive outcomes in the most challenging circumstances. Their commitment to a comprehensive exit plan is a unique, transparent offering of great benefit to customers. Executives and businesses that have used interim managers previously are a major source of new assignments because they have a clear recognition of the delivered value. Interim managers are catalysts for change across all sectors of public and private enterprises. Their career choice gives them an independence and objectivity, enabling confident and effective interventions as

  • transition leaders
  • change agents
  • turnaround and efficiency specialists
  • solution providers
  • fire-fighters and
  • trouble-shooters.

They operate primarily at management and executive levels with proven ability to deliver at all levels, combining knowledge, technology, process, and people skills. Titles, however, rarely trouble interim managers. They are initially judged by their personal capabilities and finally by their results.