Interim Management & Consultancy

Interim management - A Stop Gap or Career Opportunity?

Interim management and consultancy is an area of growth for experienced professionals where you can build a new career or take on an assignment whilst between jobs. The information contained in this section is intended to give an overview if you wish to consider the subject in more detail you are advised to contact one of the professional organisations for interim managers or one the interim specialist service providers covering your area of expertise. 

Whether a business is a large corporation, a small function, public sector department or not-for-profit organisation, there are times when it needs expert help – without delay. An interim management solution can be very effective in resolving organisational problems, whether the need is for a change in direction, climbing out of a hole, invigorating a business or dealing with an unexpected situation. 

The Institute of Interim Managers has produced a short guide that addresses in straightforward terms: Please see the subpages for the following information *:

  • Interim management: defined
  • What interim managers are engaged to do
  • The interim management value proposition
  • The stages of an interim management assignment
  • Finding an interim manager
  • Discussing the assignment with an interim manager
  • How interim managers are paid
  • Getting the best from an interim manager
The IIM produces two documents that are updated on an annual basis the most recent are available to download in PDF format below. The guides cover market information on how, why, where, what and when interim managers are used including issues such as remuneration. Invaluable if you are considering Interim Management as a Stop Gap or Career Opportunity.

The surveys below are taken from the Institute of Interim Managers website and contain the details of service providers and the IIM latest published survey reports. Previous years are available from the IIM website.

View presentations in the "Quicklinks" area of the menu on the left entitled "Interim Management a Stop Gap or Career Opportunity" given by MKEA's Management and Interim Recruitment Specialist, the late Clive Bennett.

* Acknowledgements.
The content of the subpages below, excluding Useful Links, was prepared by Ad van der Rest, Les Ormonde and Hilary Husbands, on behalf of the IIM, based on multiple sources and discussion about the ‘essence’ of interim management. It utilises prior articles on the interim management ‘value proposition’ and ‘lifecycle’ and has been revised numerous times. Thanks go to multiple seasoned interim managers and executives who supported the preparation of the original guide and to the many individuals who have subsequently participated in the discussions, many of whom are not credited here. Mike Abbott, Malcolm Ashton, Rohan Badenhorst, Bryce Barrett, Richard Bednarek, Viv Blake, Dawn Bonner, John Bowen, John Bridges, Julia Briggs, Roger Brookes, Philip Carmichael, Ray Cooney, Stuart Copeland , Val Croft , Steve Crooks, Steve Daniels, Martin Eley, Roger Emmens, Tony Evans, Angela Franks, John Gelmini, Nick Gendler, Chris Hampshire, Ron Howgill, Matt Jefferson , Nick Lake, Ian Lawson, Sara Livesey, Martin Lloyd-Penny, Brian McLelland, Diane McWade, Andy Montgomery , Iain Mortimer, Matthew Needham, John Niland , Paul Nixon, James O’Loughlin, Dr Alf Oldman, Yvonne Payne, Eamonn Phillipson, David Philpott , Tom Pickering, Kevin Pritchard, Robert Purse, Graham Rae, David Randall, Nick Robeson, George Rooley, Andy Rothery, Barry Ryan, Alan Salamon, Eva Samuelsson, Noeleen Schenk, Katrina Shepherd, Tim Spriddell, Mark Stacey, Alison Stevens, Andrew Tebano, Sue Thomas, Andrew Turner, Paul Vousden, Philip Walker, George Williams and Wendy Williams. The IIM thanks Kim Groothuis for her professional proofreading skills. Professional proofreading by Kim Groothuis at With due credit, this Guide may be reproduced (not edited) and used by the ‘interim community’. IIM members may co-brand the guide under the terms explained on the IIM’s member pages. © IIM (April 2011 and April 2014) version 2.01