Safeguard Your On-line Reputation

MKEA guest speakers have repeatedly warned us to beware of what you put on-line and who can see it, some have advised "Drop Facebook; LinkedIn helps you get a job opportunity Facebook destroys it" 

The following is an excellent example that illustrates the dangers of posting on-line.

How To Lose a Job Via Facebook In 140 Characters or Less

Posted by Mark in CareerNewsSocial Media on 08 9th, 2009

These days social media and job search go hand in hand. Of course the age old knock on the door and “are you hiring?” scenario is still out there but many people favor job search via networking and making use of online job search sites.

Over the years networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have become a must for job seekers. If you aren’t on the web, at times it’s almost impossible to secure a job.  However, some people seem to keep forgetting that social media if not utilised properly can hurt your job search and can lead to job loss. We came across one and had to share it.

Please take a look at the image below,

b4The image above clearly shows the implications if you use social media platforms the wrong way. Of course, when you have a Facebook account it’s your personal account. However, it depends how you are using it. Are you using it to simply connect with your friends and family or are you using it to connect with professionals? Before you go ahead and utilize the power of free speech on Facebook or any other social media platforms make sure you watch what you are saying. Social media has given us tremendous amount of power in terms of job search but it has also made everything we do much more vulnerable. The saying “choose your words carefully” might be true now than ever before.

Just make sure before you publish anything on twitter, facebook, linkedin or anywhere else,  you haven’t friended one of your colleagues or bosses before you make a rude remark about them. And even if they are not your friends, there are still ways things can get out, so at times it’s best to keep it yourself. Just cause social media is about transparency doesn’t mean you have to be transparent in everything you do. Transparency comes with a cost, in some case it’s you giving your own privacy and in some case losing a job, just like the one above.