LinkedIn - using your personal network to find a job

LinkedIn is probably the most important job search tool you will ever find! 

It will almost certainly be used by agencies and prospective employers to verify your career history and by creating your own profile, joining and participating in group discussions relevant to your profession you will be seen and attract interest that is impossible elsewhere. You can even use LinkedIn to promote yourself, seek employment opportunities through your network and even apply for jobs posted on LinkedIn.

The best thing is LinkedIn is free and you probably won't need a paid for account that provides a few extra resources, however if you want to subscribe check out the LinkedIn account options on their website but be prepared to pay around  £18.00 a month for the entry level Job Seeker Basic account. 

The attached PDF documents are excellent resources and essential reading before you set out creating or updating your LinkedIn profile.

A copy of the presentation given at the MKEA meeting on 3 October 2012 is available on request from Melvin Hurley