Darren Card's “Insiders advice on making the most of a recruitment consultancy” Part Two

Darren Card has enjoyed an extremely a successful career as a headhunter and recruitment consultant since 1999. He is currently Managing Director of consultancies Intelligent Employment and Intelligent Talk.

The notes below were taken during his open forum discussion with MKEA members on 4/11/2015.


  • Identify your recruitment sales funnel and work to it on numbers – use LinkedIn and Companies House then start cold calling to target senior level (Director) found through advanced LinkedIn searching.
  • How many leads and calls per week?
  • Can you script your sales pitch?
  • What benefits can you bring to the business and how could it result in a positive ROI
  • What do you need to put into place to be seen as a “credible” option
  • What are the negatives of employing/engaging you – team relationships, salary levels, dis-harmony, how might you fit negatively as well as positively
  • What are your reason expectations of salary/package and how might this impact the employer and you
  • What is your answer to the role v salary when a better paid option arrives?

Use the recruiter’s tools

  • Phone
  • Internet
  •  LinkedIn
  • Network
  • Walk in

Consider your remuneration

Employers have to pay NI 14%, holiday pay for when you are not working, pension scheme etc. and discretion for benefits package and employment protection law. What is the sell yourself option? Could you sell yourself as a self-employed member of their team?

  • You could offer self-employment for a trial period
  • Or payment by results

Contracting employment is very much the norm

  • Corporates can afford the benefits package
  • SME’s the risk is for them if you can alleviate or minimise the risk you are a better option
  • Public sector contract employment due to political implications (spending cuts)

Find a local accountant for IR35 rather than a large specialist – they will cost a lot more but generally don’t give any more.

Remuneration price frame – what is it and what is the general mix

CV how can I qualify and quantify your relevant skills/achievements

Always remember “Employers want honesty