7. Networking

Milton Keynes is said to be the networking capital of the UK but for many of us it is an alien environment. Over 80% of jobs are not advertised and recruitment through personal networks account for a huge percentage of identification of candidates to hire.

As with sales it is easier to sell to those you know or know you and your reputation, personal recommendations are a very highly regarded part of the sales funnel. So just how do you make the best of networking.

The resource documents in the Quicklinks menu on the left will provide you the details of the groups in Milton Keynes, the Tips and Techniques you need to know to become a successful "net-worker" and the advice on building that all important "elevator pitch".

MKEA Guest Speaker, Stephen Roberts, recommends the following books on networking:
Givers Gain: The BNI Story by Ph.D. Ivan R. Misner and Jeff Morris via www.amazon.co.uk
Life, Business & Speedboats by Iain Whyte of BIGMANTALKING via http://www.coach2results.com

A copy of the presentation "Creating a Memorable Elevator Pitch, Networking Techniques and Applying Them to Your Job Search" given at the MKEA meetings is available from the Quicklinks - Presentations menu on the left. A range of worksheets and handouts are available to download and print from the Quicklinks worksheets and meeting handouts menu on the left.