Targetted CV Preparation

This is a specific CV that precisely matches your relevant skills, experience and achievements to a specific job description. 

You should be preparing one of these for every job where you have a job description to give you the best possible chance of not being discarded a first review. Whether you take the chronological or performance approach is a choice you will need to make. 

It is essential that you really have a thorough understanding and library of your career history to select from so that you can incorporate as much relevant content as possible within your two pages. It is essential that you match your career success to the job description. A useful tactic is to copy the job description highlighting key word requirements then match your experience using the STAR approach to them. The objective is to match you to the job description so that you are not eliminated before the interview. 

When you have created your matched to job description CV use  website software to optimize your keywords in your CV against job description. The higher your score the better your tailored CV is for your application. Aim for a score in the 90's to maximise your opportunities.