Performance CV Preparation

If you have a long career or have undertaken a number of different roles a Performance CV is probably your best option as it enables you to focus on your career achievements and experience to demonstrate your diversity and transferable skills. 

You will still use a opening profile but rather than next detailing your chronological career history you will detail under separate headings your achievements followed a separate section giving your experience and skills. A brief chronological list of what you have been doing; employment (company name, location, description and job function/title) and education showing that you have not been idle. You should include voluntary work and career break if that is what you did so that you have no gaps that may be perceived as "suspicious". After that it is the standard Education and Continued Professional Development  and other relevant factors.

You should still make every effort to match the content to any job description have for the position you are applying for. Remember that whilst this CV whilst is focussed on your achievements thrughout your career what is most recent demonstrates how you are working at this time in your career. If you focus on earlier achievements you risk being identified as one who has in the past but cannot deliver in today's world. As with the targetted CV when you have created your CV use  website software to optimize your keywords in your CV against job description. The higher your score the better your tailored CV is for your application. Aim for a score in the 90's to maximise your opportunities.