Your Introductory Profile

Your introductory profile is your summary of knowledge, skills, experience, approach and achievements. As with your CV it will be skim read so needs to be short, to the point, relevant and accurate. 

You are looking to create a statement that covers the key facts and you will inevitably use it to help you produce your Tell Me About Yourself Statement (TMAY)  

Many find it easier to put this together after they have created the rest of their CV, this has the benefit of enabling you to become very aware of your career and those areas that best illustrate you and your capabilities achievements and experience. 

Avoid abbreviations and jargon, you want this to engage someone not bore them away from looking further. If you are stating achievements try to substantiate them with numbers.

You will find examples on the example CV's available to download in the Basic, Performance and Targetted CV Preparation headings within this section of the website.