Basic CV Preparation

Always remember a CV is used to eliminate candidates rather than employ them, it is a person that gets the job not their CV.

It is essential to prepare your content before your produce you CV and the worksheets below will help you to build the library of your career, experience, skills, accomplishments, achievements, education, qualification, professional development and your transferable skills. 

Once you have these "resources" you can begin by creating the standard chronological CV.

Make sure it is well laid out and easy to skim read, it really is a case of less is better so if you can stay to two pages with heavy emphasis on the last three years, a little less for the two preceding it and after that an employment position and level is all you will have space for. If necessary stretch it but not more than four pages, remember it will be "Z" read (scanned from top left across the document to the right then down to bottom left and end of the line. Help the reader by using a clear font at no less by 12 point for body copy and larger for headings or titles that you may pick out in bold but don't overdo it the aim is to get it readable inside 20 seconds.

Your key points should be easily identifiable from the first scan read and you should always try to match these to the key experience, knowledge requirements that are covered in the job descriptions you are applying for. When completed give it to someone to read for 30 seconds and ask them to tell you the key facts and achievements, if identified correctly you have it right if not try again.

It is essential to have a good introduction description of yourself, an elevator pitch adapted to your CV and covering 6-8 lines is sufficient. Your formal education qualifications and Continued Professional Development should also be included, list your CPD as qualifications first then courses, conferences etc in most recent date order. 

You will have a lot of experience try to show this using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) approach that demonstrates how good you are. 

Before you proceed further please download and complete the worksheets and attachments within this section. Once you have completed the worksheets at the heading page to this section you will have the information to select for your basic generic CV as well as a performance and targetted CV's. 

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