2. CV Preparation

CV's are used to eliminate candidates rather than hire them.

When a CV is first received it is usually one of a huge pile and the first stage is always to cut the pile down to as few as possible. Many will not be qualified to have submitted a CV for the role and the rest are fighting to get the viewers attention, if you do not know how to you won't get the interview. CV's don't get jobs; people do. 

Your objective is for your CV to secure you an interview; at that time it will be used by the interviewer as an aide memoire for your interview. Here lies a dilemma if you are posting an interview to an agency or on a website it needs to cover as much as possible to get as many viewing it and seriously considering you as possible but that general CV is not likely to have the relevance or detail required for a specific role, so what can you do about it?

Within this section a range of resources are included to help you overcome this and create a CV that will do the right job for the right time and place. You will begin by looking at the basic rules and then go through a presentation given at an MKEA workshop before completing a number of worksheets to help build your career library and identify you transferable skills. After this you will look at your introductory profile, that can also form a basis for your Tell Me About Yourself statement, before going on to develop the three types of CV:
  1. Chronological reverse order history (The basic stock CV that you consider your standard CV)
  2. Performance (Focussing on your achievements rather than positions and using the STAR approach) 
  3. Targetted (A specific CV matching your competencies with examples to the job description and person specification, using the STAR approach) 
This will be a time consuming process but will enable you to build a reference library ready for adaptation within minutes.

When you have created your matched to job description CV use  www.jobscan.co  website software to optimize your keywords in your CV against job description. The higher your score the better your tailored CV is for your application. Aim for a score in the 90's to maximise your opportunities.