Continual Professional Development

Whilst job seeking it is vital to not just stay in touch with developments in your professional business world 
to ensure that you remain fit for purpose for your career in the future.

CPD doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, nor take a lot of time and many CPD schemes include recognition for mentoring, community work, reading on-line articles and attending exhibitions or events, it may even be that some of your job search work could qualify you for extra hours towards your required total.

It is also worth checking with your professional membership organisation to enquire about reduced requirements for attending training courses or even a free award of one year's CPD whilst unemployed.

Other things you can do to maintain and increase your professional status include:

  • Read trade publications, web sites and blogs
  • Take advantage of free or discounted government schemes, or training courses, even if it’s on brushing up your I.T. skills
  • Get a mentor
  • Do a skills coaching swap – identify what you’d like to be better at and find someone who’d like to learn what you’re good at and make time to help each other
  • Apply Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) modelling; pinpoint what you’d like to be good at e.g. being a charismatic leader and find someone who possesses this skill or quality. Notice what it is that makes them good and emulate it. Work out which specific factors make the difference
  • Attend your professional association events to hear speakers address key topics
  • Research annual conferences and events and get hold of presentations and white papers
  • Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your profession.
  • Weigh up the pros and cons of time, cost, prestige, marketability of studying for a further qualification, whether it’s an evening class, a certificate, MSc or MBA. D
  • Don’t forget your personal development; increase your self-awareness by reading personal development or self help books or get an executive or personal coach to help you achieve more faster.