1. Action Planning & Goal Setting

Now that you are unemployed your first priority is sorting out your finances, an immediate review of your financial situation is essential. The "Coping With Redundancy" section of this website contains a presentation that will help you identify the things you need to consider. The important thing is not to delay and assume that you unemployment is likely to be 6-18 months then plan accordingly.

Action Plan
What do you want to do and what skills do you need to achieve it? Then work out what skills you have and need to accomplish it and set yourself a series of goals with a timetable. Concentrate on the initial first few weeks but also set some longer term goals; where you would like to see yourself in a year, three year and five years.

Use the first two weeks to work out your job search action plan setting yourself a daily agenda to cover:
  • Financial Review and action plan.
  • Career Review - when where and what have you achieved in your career to date, including any voluntary or recreational achievements and interests.
  • Education and Continued Professional Development Review - what and when for formal, professional and other qualifications.
  • Skills Analysis - discover what you really are good at and uncover your skills.
  • Create a CV - build your library to enable you to produce a generic reverse chronological, performance based and targeted versions with adaptable cover letters.
  • Identify a market plan - where the jobs are, how to approach them, agencies, internet, advertised etc. and establishing a regular timetable.
  • Networking - compile and evaluate your network and build/review your Linkedin profile.
  • Record Keeping - stay on top of what you are doing and make it manageable.
  • Presentation - establish and practice your opening statement "Tell Me About Yourself" so that you are comfortable and able to confidently deliver the relevant content to the situation.
  • Interview preparation - research and practice to sell yourself
Within the CV Preparation of this website you will find a downloadable worksheets (Basic CV Preparation page) to help you with career, education, and identifying your transferable skills. 

Goal Setting
During your first two weeks if you follow the outline above you will begin to build a picture of what you would like to do in the future. Use a notepad to jot down some of the ideas you have for your future and then establish a list of goals with a timetable for achievement. Be realistic and build up in manageable steps, unless you do so you are setting yourself up for failure. 
Former Olympic and World Champion Adrian Moorhouse explains exactly how he achieved success in the pool and transferred it to the business environment in his book with Graham Jones "Developing Mental Toughness: Gold Medal Strategies for Transforming Your Business Performance". It is highly recommended by business leaders who now pay handsomely for his consultancy.