Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres are used, normally by larger organisations, following initial candidate interview screening and is usually the final hurdle in the recruitment process. The term "Assessment Centre" does not relate to a physical centre, but a series of exercises run by qualified assessors, they can last from half day to a number of days with the object of really putting candidates through their paces ensuring that the best candidate is matched to the job. Due to the high investment costs it is only final short list candidates who seen, though typically 5 - 10 other candidates will be as part of a the assessment group. Candidates are not in competition with each other as the objective is to score candidates to criteria that will be measured through different aspects of the process. A diverse range of activities and exercises will take place including interviews, presentations, tests and assessments each measured by specialists within their field.

AssessmentDay has produced an excellent candidate guide to Assessment Centres, it can be downloaded free of charge at
Melvin Hurley,
4 Nov 2013, 07:42