Preparing for Interviews

Before an interview you will need to research the potential employer, match you skills and experience to the job description and person specification and prepare in advance the examples to demonstrate how you will benefit them by employing you.

In short you need to be the best person possible to sell yourself.

A number of resources for download and completion are included in this section to help you achieve this. Get to know yourself and your career back to front, don't assume you will remember it.

Following your preparation you need to practice; MKEA have a video camera and projection facilities to do this and see how you perform. You will need another MKEA member or volunteer with interview experience to interview you. Contact Melvin Hurley at to take advantage of these facilities. 

A copy of the presentation "Speaking at Interviews" given at the MKEA meeting on 14 November 2012 is available from the Quicklinks Presentations menu on the left.