Mobile Telephones

Extremely useful enabling you to operate with a separate number for your job search activity .

Don't commit to long term contracts, buy yourself a handset - the Samsung Chat is both wireless enabled and allows you to access you email on the move for under £60 including the required £10 first top up. Visit the high street stores and on-line sites such as E2Save to find the best bargain.

Service Options
The lowest price option is Pay As You Go with Virgin there is no requirement for a monthly top up or time limit on the credit you purchase, unusual amongst mobile providers.

If you intend to use the phone for making calls and receiving emails a SIM only 30 day contract is amazing value Virgin offer 500 any network minutes, 3000 texts and up to 1GB of internet for £15.82 (October 2011). 30 day SIM only contracts can be moved over to PAYG when you decide to terminate the contract, this can be extremely beneficial enabling you to retain the number when you get back into work for future job search use and for those with whom you have established relationships to remain in contact long term. (If you have printed business cards for your job search you will not need to change them in future.)

Negotiate A Price Decrease
If you already have a contract speak with your service provider explain you are unemployed and ask if they can help, whilst the options may be limited it is always worth a try and will identify when you can terminate if necessary.

30 day contracts
Virgin have some amazing offers including unlimited minutes texts and 2 GB of date a for £12.00 a month. 
See the Virgin Mobile website for their offers.
Their current users with 30 day contracts have also reported excellent reductions when looking to move or cancel their current 30 day contract.