Cash Back Websites

A number of cashback websites pay you for using their site to make a purchase some members have reported dramatic savings on purchases such as £70 on car insurance!

Top Cashback is the UK's number one free cash back site and does not require a membership fee. 

To benefit search online for the best deal then clear your memory cache and go to the Top Cashback website and search for the supplier, if they are affiliated you will find them and details of what you can earn. You simply click on the Top Cashback link to the supplier and you will be taken to the website. A cookie will be placed on your computer so that the supplier can see you were referred by Top Cashback, this enables your order to be verified and the cash back tracked through the system. A short time afterwards the money will appear as payable in your Top Cashback account, once you have a minimum amount you can claim the money which is paid to you by cheque. 

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