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2012 - Workshops

Interview Competencies & CV Training Day Wednesday 4th April 2012
A free one day training course was provided to MKEA members on Wednesday 4th April led by Sadie Reynolds of Calibre Solutions Limited. Sadie specialises in Career Counselling, coaching and mentoring. Leadership and management learning and development, mediation, conflict handling/resolving issues. She is a volunteer for the Institute of Consultants and the Chartered Management Institute for outplacement activities for those people whose jobs have become redundant. Sadie provides interview technique training to corporate clients involved in the interview process for  recruitment of staff.

Following the course Sadie returned on Tuesday 24th April to undertake mock interviews in core competencies for those participating in the one day course who wished to take advantage of the opportunity to have their interview technique appraised.

These interviews were video recorded and participants provided with a copy to review their own performance and body language. MKEA member Tony Hicks,  kindly offered, to provide individual body language analysis.

The agenda was:

Interview Competencies & CV Training Day Wednesday 4th April 2012


10.00  Introduction - Explanation of what will be achieved during the day.

10.00  The interviewing process – what is being assessed, and how.

11.15  The funneling techniques and STAR acronym.

11.45  Demands of jobs at different levels.

  •   What IS the competency framework?
  •   How it applies to interviewees.
  •   The importance of understanding Core Competences - what is required. 

 12.30   LUNCH 

 13.00  Compiling evidence – individual and group work with support and guidance.


  This will take up most of the afternoon.


16.00   NEXT STEPS – preparing for interviews on 24 April.

16.30  Individual help with CV's.

17.00  Finish.